WGO Foundation - Promoting Digestive Health.

WGO Foundation Mission

To raise financial support to develop and sustain the WGO’s global training and education programs, especially in developing low-resource countries.

Reasons for Giving

Reasons for Giving

Digestive disorders – from diarrhea to obesity to cancer – are ranked by the WHO (World Health Organisation) in the ten leading causes of mortality, and are the single greatest cause of cancer death. Unfortunately, however, these disorders rank disproportionately low in both public awareness and healthcare priority in many countries.

It is only through the continuous edu- cation and training of gastroenterology professionals in their own countries that the WGO’s campaigns will succeed – from public awareness programs for Hepatitis in the developing world to preventative cancer screening in the developed world.

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Ways to Help

Ways to Help

There are several ways you can help WGO. We’re sure you will find one that is rewarding and no matter which route you take, your generosity will make a difference in the lives of many.


Adopt a Trainee

Adopt a Project

Fundraise for the WGO

Success Stories

Success Stories

Thirsty for knowledge: WGO Training in South America

Wherever there are challenges, the WGO is there to meet them, bringing whatever resources it can to bear on the advancement of gastroenterology and gastrointestinal health. South America is no exception to this. In March 2007, the WGO conducted a third annual training course in La Paz, Bolivia and opened a Training Center in La Plata, Argentina.

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WGO Training in South America

A Welcome Message

The WGO Foundation: The Story So Far and the Road Ahead

Bernard LevinTo learn more about the origins of the WGO Foundation, where the Foundation has been and its plans for the future, read the editorial from Professor Eamonn Quigley, 2011-2015 Foundation Chairman. Professor Quigley’s editorial appears in the December 2011 issue of e-WGN.

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News & Events

WDHD 2015: Heartburn: A Global Perspective

2015: HeartburnThe WDHD 2015 campaign seeks to raise awareness on heartburn and bring the latest fundamental and clinically relevant knowledge to the gastroenterologist, all the way to the lay public....

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About the WGO

The World Gastroenterology Organisation

About the WGO

The WGO Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the World Gastroenterology Organisation. Incorporated in 2007, it supports the WGO Society and its mission in several ways. Find out more here about WGO and its premier programs!

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